Monday, October 24, 2011

Using Youtube for public speaking

I recently reviewed heaps of videos on youtube to learn from the best speakers in the world. I had never come across motivational speaker Les Brown before but I'm so glad I did. Wow, what an inspirational speaker he is. Check out some Tony Robbins videos as well. Also don't forget to have a look at some Toastmasters International Contests. These speakers have gone through several competitions to get to the final so they are good!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The best public speakers in the world

I have just written a hubpage on the best public speakers in the world - my top 10. As I said on the page, watching these speakers on Youtube is like getting free public speaking lessons! My hubpage details my reasoning for each one making the list so I won't repeat it here but suffice to say they are all inspirational, motivating speakers who offer something different.
Who would you rate as a great public speaker? Have a look at my list here: great public speakers


At our Toastmasters meeting last night it was pointed out by one of a very experienced Toastmasters that your public skills can be improved by singing. Specifically she was talking about voice variety, pitch and tone. If you listen to the great public speakers in the world they use their voice as their instrument keeping the audience engaged and hanging onto every word. Great tip for the day!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Best ways to overcome fear of public speaking

The golden rule for public speaking

5 ways to overcome your fear of speaking in public

Most people hate the thought of speaking in public. But...there's some really effective ways to get over your nerves, Here's my top ways to overcome the fear
5. Breathe: Make sure your breathing is regular because it can affect your pronunciation and stage movement.
4. Record yourself: Use your phone to record yourself or better yet use a video. Get feedback from others on how you sound.
3. Think of the worst case scenario: Really, what is the worst that can happen?
2. Activate your Go System: get fired up by exercising, jumping, running, laughing or listening to hyped music
1. Be passionate: Whatever you're speaking on make sure you speak with passion and conviction. This will make your speech appealing and worth listening to. I have a favourite saying which fits perfectly for speaking in public: Feel the fear and do it anyway!
Check out these tips in more detail here: Overcome fear of speaking in public